Friday, September 06, 2013

Chris Wilcox Still Looking for a Team

Chris Wilcox (2000-09) is still a free agent this summer, with little time to go until the NBA season begins again. Resigning with the Boston Celtics seems unlikely:

Last season in Boston he was solid in a limited role — 4.2 points and 3 rebounds a game in about 13.6 minutes a night. He has a PER of 15.3, which is pretty good for a guy in that role.

But he is still looking for a landing spot, reports the Boston Globe.

"August is a difficult time for lower-tier free agents because teams are still trying to figure out roster space and flexibility. Also on the market is former Celtic Chris Wilcox, who said he would like to return to Boston, but that’s highly unlikely with the new regime. Wilcox said that recovering from aorta surgery affected him last season and he promised to be in better shape this season."

Wilcox also revealed last month that he played much of last season with a torn thumb ligament:

Wilcox suffered from back spasms during training camp when he tried too much, too soon after heart surgery, and he later missed 19 games around midseason because of what the Boston Celtics called a sprained ligament in his thumb.

But the center, now a free agent, told the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn he never really suffered a sprain. The injury was actually worse than the team let on and still bothers Wilcox to this day.

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