Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gist, Stoglin, and Milbourne Come Together for Greek League All-Star Game

The Greek League held their All-Star festivities this month, and three Terps were on the court. James Gist (2004-08), Terrell Stoglin (2010-12), and Landon Milbourne (2006-10) all played for the "Rest of the World" team against a team of Greece's home-grown stars.

Stoglin (who plays for Ilysiakos) also competed in the three point contest, while Gist (playing for Panathinaikos) and Milbourne (playing for Panionios) were in the dunk contest.

Gist and Stoglin both scored 12 points each in the All-Star Game itself, while Milbourne scored 10. The "Rest of the World" team won the game, 131-125.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Drew Nicholas Joins Total College Sports as a Basketball Analyst

Ten years ago, Drew Nicholas (1999-2003) was "that guy who hit that shot". After the ensuing decade of playing in Europe, Nicholas has now returned to the United States and started working as a college basketball analyst for Total College Sports. The Baltimore Sun has the story:
“Only a couple days after I got home [from Russia], I was playing with one of my ex-high school teammates [Tim Doyle]. He played at Northwestern and is actually a college basketball analyst now,” Nicholas said. “I was talking to him, and his company had an opening. Even though I didn’t have any experience, they said I should fly out and interview. I flew out to Chicago, talked about the position, and it fell into my lap.”

The opening was with Total College Sports, which provides college basketball and football video analysis to companies like, and newspaper websites, plus university-run athletic websites. For Nicholas, who majored in government and politics at Maryland, the transition from playing basketball to talking about it on-camera was a quick one. [...]

Nicholas enjoys his work with TCS and hopes to do more color commentary in future seasons. He called a Miami vs. Boston College women’s game for ESPN3 earlier this year, and has made several radio appearances throughout the country.
Having spent the season analyzing college basketball teams around the country, you wouldn't be surprised that he's leading all entries in the Washington Post's Bracket Challenge.