Monday, November 19, 2012

Juan Dixon Eyes a Comeback

Juan Dixon (1998-2002) is eying a comeback after having a rough couple years with a steriod suspension in Europe followed by a knee injury while playing in Turkey.

First up, Westminster Patch, who caught up with Dixon at Comcast Center last month and spoke to him about his past, present, and future:

After an eight-year NBA career and a European voyage that spanned three professional teams, Dixon has returned to College Park humbled and motivated. He is training daily with the Terps’ staff in hopes of restarting his NBA career, using the untapped potential he believes is still remaining in his 6-foot-3 frame. [...]

When he regained his eligibility in February 2011, his agent’s phone rang again. It was a Turkish team. It had just lost its starting off guard to an injury and wanted to finish out the season with Dixon manning the backcourt.

Then “the nightmare,” as Dixon loathingly calls it, began. When the couple arrived in their new apartment in Bandirma, Turkey, a city of 100,000 in the country’s northwest corner, Dixon sat on the couch and broke down. “This is not where I’m supposed to be in my career,” Dixon told Sanchez as tears streamed down his face. “This is not where I belong.”
Next, the SBN network's Ridiculous Upside follows up on the Westminster Patch story by delving into how Dixon might try to get back in the NBA by going through the NBA D-League:
Now 34 years old, the Maryland product is reportedly eyeing another chance in the NBA after stepping away in 2009.

But exactly just how he'll get there remains a question. Though many players venture overseas to get their basketball careers back on track, Dixon is well past attempting something like that. The guard is said to be eyeing a stateside opportunity after already donning uniforms in Spain, Greece, and Turkey. A return to Europe is not in the cards. [...]

All signs logically point towards a stint in the NBA D-League, where Dixon could once again strut his stuff and prove he's got something left in his basketball tank.

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