Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chris Wilcox is Re-establishing Himself in Boston

You may remember that Chris Wilcox (2000-02) had season-ending heart surgery last spring, but was cleared to play again by doctors over the summer. The Boston Globe wrote before the season that Wilcox is having a fresh start with the Celtics this season:
This will be a fresh start for both Wilcox and the Celtics. Only four current Celtics competed in the team’s Game 7 loss to the Heat June 9 in the Eastern Conference finals. And Wilcox has not played in a game since March 7. [...]

“I’m just trying to fit in,” Wilcox said. “Just try and get in and see what I need to do and where I need to be on the floor. Come in and do what I did last year, run the floor, box out, rebound, bring energy.”

Now that the NBA season is in full swing, Bleacher Report says that Wilcox is finding his place as the perfect reserve for the Celtics:
No one knew if we would ever see him finish an alley-oop again. Yet, here we are, less than a year later, watching Wilcox play like he did in that Bulls game—only with a surgically repaired heart and presumably nothing more to hold him back.

On the court, at least, there is nothing holding him back from providing the Celtics with the exact kind of frontcourt depth they need.

For the past seven games, Wilcox has come off the bench for around 15 minutes and scored six points or more while grabbing a few boards.

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