Monday, March 12, 2012

The Baltimore Sun's 10 Year Anniversary Series: Byron Mouton

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Maryland's 2002 National Championship, the Baltimore Sun is trying to steal my job with their own "Where Are They Now?" series. In the next story of their ongoing series today, they catch up with Byron Mouton (2000-02). Here's an excerpt; go read the whole story:
After finishing his professional career with the Maryland Greenhawks, Mouton thought of going to work for his brother's insurance company in Washington, but wanted to be able to have a job that gave himself a little more freedom "and kept me in the gym." Securing donations from State Farm Insurance as well as Choice Hotels, Mouton's 6th Man Skills Development organization began.

"I love it, to be able to do something I love, get up when I want, motivate them academically, have a chance to help kids and still be able to be in the gym," Mouton said. "I wouldn’t want to do anything else - unless somebody wanted to hired me to be a head coach at a university or an NBA scout."

(Yeah, I know I skipped one accidentally... I'll go back and get it tomorrow.)

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