Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Baltimore Sun's 10 Year Anniversary Series: Tahj Holden

As we gear up to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Maryland's 2002 National Championship, the Baltimore Sun is determined to make my blogging hobby incredibly easy this spring. Today, they launched a new "Where Are They Now?" series catching up with the players, starting with Tahj Holden (1999-2003). Go read it. Here's an excerpt:
Staying involved with basketball was Holden’s No. 1 priority after finishing his Terps career, and the abrupt end to his coaching career was a definite shock to his system. But armed with his Maryland degree -- and a connection from his basketball past -- Holden rebounded in a hurry. Ten years after winning a national title, Holden has embarked on a new career as an analyst for a global financial services company in Jersey City, not far from where he grew up. And Holden has stayed involved with the game he loves as a coach for his former youth team.
Tahj is one of my favorite players from that team, partly because he's one of the only players who has ever e-mailed me about this blog and provided his own update for me to post. Go follow him on Twitter: @tahjholden.

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