Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Johnny Rhodes Honored at Comcast Center

Tonight before the Miami game, Johnny Rhodes (1992-96) had his #15 banner unfurled in the Comcast Center rafters (joining Ernie Graham, honored last week). In his halftime interview, he called it one of the greatest honors of his life. Here's the Baltimore Sun's Don Markus writing about Rhodes' career:
If [Ernie] Graham was known for his ability to score, Rhodes was known for doing just about everything. Aside from his school record of 344 steals that still stands, Rhodes is now 10th in scoring (1,743 points) and assists (344). He is also an impressive 15th in rebounding (704), the best ever for a Maryland guard. [...]

Having received his undergraduate degree in art a couple of years ago, Rhodes owns his own local construction company. Though he never made the NBA – held back mostly by an inconsistent outside shot - Rhodes said that not reaching that dream “strengthened me in other areas in my life.”
Rhodes was also named to the 2012 ACC Tournament Legends Team (an annual line-up honoring one player from each ACC school during the ACC tournament). Rhodes 344 steals are not just a Maryland record, but also the ACC career record. He also has the ACC record for steals per game for his career (2.82), steals in a single season (110 in 1995-96), and steals per game for a single season (3.7 in 1995-96).

I'm particularly happy to see his number up there, since I also went to Maryland the same four years (1992-96) and he was one of my favorite players during my tour of duty in the Cole Field House student section.

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