Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mike Jones Returns to Romania

After playing in South America and recovering from injury the last two seasons, Mike Jones (2003-07, Who?) will return to CSU Asesoft Ploesti in Romania this year. In 2009, Jones won the Romanian League championship with Ploesti. The team only has a brief news item (translation) on their website about Jones's return, but Romanian news site Prahova elaborates on Jones's return (translation):
Mike Jones, one of the most spectacular basketball players to wear the blue and white jersey, is back in Ploiesti. The 27 year old overseas player came to an agreement in Romania for one season, and says he is ready to help to rekindle Ploiesti's string of successes. [...]

Jones decided 2011 is the year of rebirth and relaunch for his career with Asesoft. That is why the American is in Ploiesti for a second term, giving the managers of CSU Ploiesti and their fans even more hope. The former University of Maryland star had a path with many ups and downs after leaving Asesoft in the summer of 2009. By then the winner of Romanian Championship Cup, Jones continued his career in Argentina first with Mar del Plata Penarol, a team that would eventually win the Argentinian championship. The second part of the 2009-2010 season found Jones in the jersey of Gimnasia Rivadavia, but then problems started.

Following a serious knee injury, the American took almost a year away from basketball, with his return to the court occurring in April 2011 following a late-season offer from Guaiqueries of Margarita of Venezuela. Mike Jones's return to CSU Asesoft occurs now that has received the favorable go-ahead from doctors to continue his career playing basketball overseas. [...]

Even under the circumstances, Jones is a versatile player, able to score with ease behind the arc, find the best open shots, and finish teammates' passes with a slam-dunk whenever he has the chance.


Anonymous said...

Mike currently suffering from a knee injury. The doctors here in Romania are saying that the recovery is estimated to be at about 3-4months. They want to make sure that when he gets back on the floor, he will be 100% recovered and he won't suffer from any trauma cause by the surgery.

Anonymous said...

This my neighbor and Mike is finally well from the knee injury and on his way back overseas or Canada. I knew he was to good to playing with us at the park, the jumper is still wet.