Friday, July 01, 2011

James Gist Facing Possible FIBA Doping Ban

James Gist (2004-08) may be facing a FIBA ban after testing positive (translation) for Carboxy-THC (that's the chemical marijuana leaves behind in the body) last month during a routine post-game drug test on June 1st in Serbia.

Two samples are always taken, and Gist's sample A came back positive with low levels of the drug. So, if my understanding of poorly translated Turkish news and my memory of FIBA procedures is correct, sample B will now be tested by a different lab. If sample B comes back positive as well, then the ban could be anywhere from three months to two years.

Gist had just signed a new deal with reigning Turkish champion Fenerbahce Ulker last week. The team has said they will wait for the investigation to finish before management decides whether to keep Gist or not.


Anonymous said...

so, is there any news what will be with him? r they gonna keep him? or where he will play?

Mike said...

No news yet, but I've read that the new team will probably not keep him, and no other teams will want to sign him until either FIBA clears him or his suspension ends. There should be a second test and then an official judgement from FIBA later this summer.

Anonymous said...

thanks for answer Mike! He for sure should do that test B, and show them that he stoped and wont smoking weed again! :) If u get some news please post them! thank u!