Monday, May 02, 2011

Greivis Vasquez Shines on the Big Stage

If you're following the NBA Playoffs this spring, you know that the #8 seed in the west, the Memphis Grizzlies, featuring back-up guard Greivis Vasquez (2006-10) just knocked out the #1 seeded San Antonio Spurs, and the Baltimore Sun's Toy Department blog writes about how Greivis played a big role off the bench in the series. Excerpt:
Barely on the radar during the regular season as a rookie -- playing a little more than 12 minutes a game and scoring in double figures only five times -- Vasquez played a significant role in Memphis' seismic upset of the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs.

In Game 4, Vasquez finished with nine points in 13 minutes, including seven in a 7-0 run in the second quarter to help the Grizzlies take control of what turned out to be a blowout win.

In Game 6, Vasquez had 11 points while playing 23 minutes because of Mike Conley's foul trouble. Vasquez didn't have a turnover, and his only assist resulted in a highlight reel dunk by Darrell Arthur.

Memphis Grizzlies blog 3 Shades of Blue wrote that Vasquez played with a lot of moxie coming off the bench early in game 6 and taking on the Spurs starters. (via Testudo Times) Excerpt:

[...] Not less than a minute into his stint on the court the kid does something: first he bravely pulls down a rebound, then rushes the ball up the court, when he gets to the top of the key, he hesitates, studyimg the contour of the defense, suddenly he drives straight for Tony Parker, floating a feathery runner right over top of him in the lane. The crowd roars. His step: now a little spryer than it was, was the response that the Grizzlies desperately needed, and the Spurs certainly did not expect.

Memphis is already up 1-0 on the Oklahoma Thunder in the Western Conference Semifinals, so The Grievis Show isn't over for this season yet.

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