Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up with Matt Hahn

Matt Hahn (1996-2000) has been an assistant coach for years, first working for his father, former Maryland Assistant Billy Hahn at LaSalle, then Vermont, and now Robert Morris.

This week, local news site Columbia Patch interviewed Hahn, who is from Columbia, MD, about the recent coaching changes at local schools, as well as his own career and aspirations. Here's a short excerpt from the story:
Hahn said, however, his goal is be a head coach at the Division I level.

"That is my long-term goal. I think that is why all of us who do this want to do," Hahn said. "Being an assistant is wonderful but we all one day want to see if we can do the job as a head coach."

"I feel I have prepared for it for a long time as a coaches’s kid. You never know when that opportunity may be. That is the goal," added Hahn, who said he talks nearly every day with his father, and sometimes they don’t even talk about basketball.

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