Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obinna Ekezie's Travel Website

If you've been coming here long enough, you may remember that two years ago I wrote about Obinna Ekezie (1995-99) starting a travel business in Africa. Well, it's up and running, and they've been working with travel agents for a while now. But if you're planning on traveling to or from Nigeria this summer and you're a do-it-yourself traveler, try out, which is the new direct-to-consumer travel site operated by the company Ekezie founded and runs, Zeep Travel Network.

(His company reps actually contacted me since they knew I posted news about Obinna in the past and asked if I would post an update. So if it sounds like a press release or free advertising, well, yeah.)

Parents of recruits out there in any sport would do well to Google Obinna Ekezie stories from the 1990's like this one. Ekezie used his basketball skills and his scholarship offer to Maryland so he could attend one of the best business and engineering schools in the country. That's right, read the story: he double-majored in two tough disciplines on his way to an NBA career. After his playing days were over, including four seasons in the NBA, followed by time in Italy and Russia, Obinna turned his Maryland education into successful international entrepreneurship.

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