Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Joe Smith's Last Shot

Hoopsworld interviewed NBA veteran and former Terp Joe Smith (1993-95) about how he hopes to end his career with an NBA Championship with the Lakers. Smith has played for 12 different NBA teams in 16 seasons (including 7 teams in just the last 4 seasons) and crossed the 1000 game threshold last March.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:
"I'm ready to win a championship, forget just a playoff game or a playoff series," Smith told HOOPSWORLD. "I've won some series in my career, but I've never had the chance to get to that final series. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting there and getting crowned champs." [...]

"It's much different," Smith said about his experience in L.A. "I'm not teaching young kids how to play and what to do out there because we've got enough veterans on this team that have been through a lot of wars. They know what it takes to win, and that mindset is totally different. [...]

Smith has never won a championship or even played in an NBA Finals, and with his time running out this could be his last shot at it. He might not be the contributor he once was, but it seems like every postseason there's a veteran that helps win a game for his team. That could be Smith's role. He just hopes that game comes in the Finals.


Anonymous said...

Is there a duplicate paragraph or are my eyes going. FREDTERP

Mike said...

Copy-and-paste fail. It's fixed now. I meant to have a different paragraph in the middle.