Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drew Nicholas Wins 3-Point Contest at Greek All-Star Game

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Drew Nicholas (1999-2003) won the 3 point shooting contest (translation at the Greek All-Star Game last weekend:
Drew Nicholas repeated last year's achievement in the three point competition, shooting as he does in the official games of Panathinaikos, and was proclaimed to be the leading three-point shooter.

The Panathinaikos guard reached 16 points in the first round of the competition. In the next round, he was in second behind Teontosits Milos (19) of Olympiakos. In the finals, Nicholas was the one who won, improving his performance and coming in with 17 points while his opponent scored 13.

(Is this just an excuse to post Panathinaikos's shamrock logo for St. Patrick's Day? Maybe.)

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Emili Paz said...

The impressive shooting skills of Drew Nicholas, as proven in the Greek All-Star game, will surely come in handy as they face Barcelona in a series. Thus, fans should be thrilled to witness an exciting three-point shootout against JC Navarro of the defending champs!