Friday, February 11, 2011

Juan Dixon Ready to Return to Playing Overseas

It has been exactly one year since Juan Dixon (1998-2002) received a one-year suspension from FIBA for steroid use on February 11, 2010, and Dixon is ready to go back to play in Europe again (scroll down to the second half of the story for the part about Dixon), and he will probably have several teams bidding for his services.
"I'm excited," Dixon told HOOPSWORLD in a phone interview. "It's been a long year and throughout everything, I've just tried to work as hard as I could so that I would stay in the best shape possible. That's pretty much all I've been doing. The suspension is over on Saturday so I'm able to play anytime after that and I'm looking forward to it. I'm very excited. I've been counting down the days. I'm tired of being here in Baltimore and I'm really looking forward to playing basketball."

While Dixon will definitely be returning overseas, he has yet to determine which team he will sign with. Many teams have expressed interest in his services, including his former team Unicaja Malaga, but he is still weighing his options. [...]

One option that Dixon and his agent, Terrance Doyle, strongly considered was entering the NBA Development League Draft. In fact, Dixon had all but decided to take that route before running into an unexpected obstacle.

"If I had played in the NBA Development League, my suspension in Europe would have started over," Dixon explained. "Just in case things didn't work out as planned in the D-League, I just wanted to make sure that I kept my options open. That's why I decided not to go there."

Updates from March 11-13, 2011: Dixon signs with Turkey's Banvit and a story about his comeback.

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adam said...

Glad to hear Juan will still have a spot in Europe. Interesting that FIBA restarts the suspension if he goes to the D-League; I guess they don't want players to be able to fall back on that.