Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jin Soo Choi Drafted in Korea

Jin Soo Choi (2008-10), who left Maryland last January to return to South Korea, was drafted third in the Korean Basketball League amateur draft and will play for the Daegu Orions next season:
Forward Choi Jin-soo, who played two seasons with the University of Maryland Terrapins, was selected third overall by the Daegu Orions. Choi has the distinction of being the first Korean to play NCAA Division I basketball but parted ways with the Terrapins in January 2010 after failing to keep up with his classes.

The offensively gifted forward will be coached by his estranged biological father and Orions head coach Kim Uyoo-tak. Choi’s parents divorced when he was an infant and he changed his last name from Kim to Choi in May of 2009 to acknowledge his stepfather.

“I’m not in game shape just yet but I’ll prepare for my professional debut one step at a time,” said Choi. “I don’t feel uncomfortable about playing for my father. I’m concerned that it might affect other players on the team but my priority is to perform my absolute best.”

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