Thursday, February 03, 2011

James Gist's Euroleague Interview

James Gist (2004-08) has become one of the breakout stars of the Euroleague tournament this season, and he was chosen for this week's featured interview on the league's site. In Gist's interview, he talks about adapting to the European game, the outlook for his team, Partizan mt:s, and the absurdly high energy level of the fans in Belgrade Serbia:
One thing I have always considered myself to be is a high-energy player who gets the fans going. It's been that way since I was a kid. At the University of Maryland, we had the wildest fans in America, 18,000 every night. If I could get a block or a dunk to make them wilder, I tried to do that. But it’s not about the dunk: it's about using that to get the crowd involved so you can win, which is so much more important. I feel if you get the crowd alive - with a steal, a block, a fastbreak or whatever - and that gets your teammates going, it can only help the team. [...]

As much as I love the fans in Maryland, because they give their all every game, Belgrade has to be the craziest place ever to play in. I had Maryland before this, and even in Biella the fans were packed into a small gyms, 4,000 of them making noise the whole game. But Belgrade is on a whole different level. I can't describe it. The fans here want to win it for you. With the energy coming from 22,000 people like that, they're practically on the court with us. They love the game more than we do; they just can't play.


ExtraMedium said...

Partizan fans are crazy. I watched the Euroleague game last week on espn3. WOW!

Emili Paz said...

That's true! That is why I can't disagree when someone claims that the Partizan fans are the best or the most wild... because it is true!