Sunday, February 06, 2011

Checking in with JD Walsh

I wrote about former Terp John "JD" Walsh (1991-93) and his international basketball diplomacy a year ago, but the blog's readership has grown a lot since then and some of you might not be acquainted with Walsh's overseas work. It was one of my favorite stories from this blog from 2010, so I'm happy to find an excuse to revisit it.

Indian sports website SportsKeeda has a nice story on JD Walsh and an interview that will update the people who know JD's story and introduce the story to new readers:
In the past four years, Walsh has been all over India. Places he’s been include and are not limited to, Delhi, Kashmir, Mumbai, Punjab, Pune, Chennai, Kerala, Maharashtra, Noida, Kolkata and Mizoram. Its an understatement to say that he travels often. [...]

For him, New York and Mumbai are two places he considers as home. They say home is where the heart is. His heart was given to basketball and humanity a long time ago. Yes, the two do go hand in hand sometimes. See, when he holds a basketball camp for underprivileged orphans for CHINAR (Child nurture and relief) in Kashmir, he also shines a spotlight on their plight making it visible around the globe. It helps to attract donations for their cause.
You can follow JD's travels and work on Twitter @JDBasketball, and learn much more about Walsh's international work by going back and reading last year's blog story about him.




Thanks for the update and for the kind words - sorry i just came across this.


Mike said...

Really? I could have sworn you tweeted a link to this back when I wrote it.