Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terence Morris Euroleague Highlights

Continuing with the Euroleague highlight videos this week, here's Terence Morris (1997-2001), playing his second season with the defending Euroleague champions, Regal FC Barcelona.

In this Block of the Night, Morris (#23 in blue) bats down the ball and keeps it in bounds to his teammate, Ricky Rubio.

And in this Play of the Night, Morris gets behind the defense and everybody loses track of him as he goes up for the alley-oop jam.

Click here for Morris's Euroleague stats and profile.

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Emili Paz said...

Terrence Morris is indeed one of the unsung heroes for the defending champs.His athleticism and willingness to work hard has made a huge difference for the team, but he cannot really be considered as a role player since he can bring in the numbers when needed. No wonder his team has been able to survive even without its lead power forward Pete Mickeal due to an injury.