Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Landon Milbourne Will Play in France

Landon Milbourne will play in France next year, signing with S.O.M. Boulogne of the French Pro B league. Boulonge is moving up from the amateur French NM1 league to the Pro B league this season after winning the NM1 championship playoffs last season. Pro B is the second division of France's national basketball league, the LNB.

The team's press release (translation, which I have heavily edited for clarity below) cites a lot of positives in Landon's playing style and abilities:

An athletic player, Landon Milbourne was regarded as one of the toughest players in the NCAA last year in the USA. He fights for every loose ball to the last minute of each game. He was an undisputed leader to his teammates at the University of Maryland, both during the game and in the locker room. Originally a wing, he has also developed undeniable effective skills for the power forward position. His versatility to play multiple positions at a high-level opens many opportunities for offensive-minded head coach, Germain Castano. He is also a strong one-on-one defender.

Finally, he is a strong finisher in transition, capable of attacking the hoop without fear; he should ignite the fans with his spectacular dunks when the game allows him more freedom.

But he's a player who puts his team first, who puts all his talent and his enormous physical potential into winning games.

The University of Maryland is known as a launching pad for successful careers. With this recruitment, SOMBES has an exceptional player, which should please the fans. This recruitment completes long-term work on the part of team leaders to put our club in the best possible position to win in our first year in Pro B.


Shawn said...

Bonne chance en France, Landon!

albin said...

I have be following Landon,in France, and so far things have really been working out for him. Keep working hard, as we know you will. Represent Maryland and the U.S. I also heard that Landon, playing in France and his father Andre Foreman, returning to play in Finland, may be the only father and son in the history of European Professional Basketball to play at the same time.

albin said...

Landon got his first Professional win on Sunday. He scored 18 points.

Mike said...

I didn't realize that Landon's dad was playing in Europe too. Sounds like a new blog post!