Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steve Francis Wants to Play in China

Steve Francis (1998-99), last seen injured, traded to Memphis, and then waived in January 2009 and handing out Turkeys in Silver Spring last Thanksgiving, says he is fit to play again, and told China's Xinhua News that he wants to play in China next. Apparently he has a fan base in China as a result of being Yao Ming's teammate in Houston for many years:
Three-time All-Star and former Houston Rockets guard Steve Francis said on Wednesday that he hopes to play basketball in China if the condition is right.

Francis, who is loved and remembered by many Chinese fans as a superb basketball player and the "big brother" to Houston Rockets center Yao Ming, said in an interview with Xinhua that he loves China and his Chinese fans.

The 33-year-old, once known as "Franchise" as the cornerstone of the Rockets', said he cannot afford to sit on the bench while he can play.

He has recovered from the injuries that had plagued the late years of his basketball career and can return to the basketball court, he said.

"I will play in China if the money is good," he said. "Coaching is also an option."

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