Saturday, July 03, 2010

Steve Blake to Sign with LA Lakers

Steve Blake (1999-2003) has a deal in place to sign a 4 year, $16 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Free agents cannot officially sign until next week.  The Lakers will sign Blake as insurance in case Derrick Fisher leaves their team as a free agent.

From the LA Times story:
Blake, 30, made $4.25 million last season with the Clippers and Portland. He has averaged 7.5 points and 4.3 assists while shooting 39.3% from three-point range in a seven-year career with Washington, Portland, Denver, Milwaukee and the Clippers.
The Lakers can't comment on the agreement, nor can Blake officially sign with them, until the free-agent moratorium ends next Thursday.

"He's a solid defender on the ball and has an 'Ultimate Fighter' mentality," an NBA personnel scout said. "He enjoys making an assist more than scoring. He does nothing fancy or with flavor, but rather is solid and dependable. He's a serious threat against a zone to shoot it on ball reversal. He's a deadly corner three-point shooter when he has his feet set. He has a strong basketball IQ.

"He has also been a thorn in [ Kobe Bryant's] side when he played against the Trail Blazers."
(Update: the next question is, could Blake be the starter?)

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