Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More on Byron Mouton

Byron Mouton (2000-02) week continues today, as The Diamondback runs an article about Byron, primarily focusing on his new AAU team, the 6th Man Warriors, and his play for the Maryland Greenhawks.  An excerpt:

It’s been two years since Mouton decided to focus his basketball efforts on the development side of the game. At the time, Mouton says he still had offers to play overseas, but the money was no longer good enough to make it worthwhile.

Instead, he’s focused his attention on the Maryland-Washington, D.C.-area, where there’s still enough name recognition from his Terp success to make him a viable brand.

In September, Mouton launched his first AAU team. The program has already expanded to include eight teams. One of his next goals is opening a multi-sport training center within two years with an eye on becoming one of the top AAU outfits on the East Coast.

Part of that plan to strengthen his business, reach kids and help build local basketball is his affiliation with the Greenhawks, who play in the Premier Basketball League — a nine-team minor league that includes squads in Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Scott said...

I always thought he would be good in this vein, so congrats to him. And if it creates a new Maryland-friendly AAU presence, all the better.