Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jerrod Mustaf Leading the Street Basketball Association

Jerrod Mustaf (1988-90) is the President and founder of the Street Basketball Association. Here is an excerpt from his bio from their site. He's been quite busy since retiring from playing in the NBA and Europe:
After retiring from basketball, Mr. Mustaf founded the Street Basketball Association and the SBA Sports Management Group. Currently, Mr. Mustaf is the CEO/ President of the Street Basketball Association, Sports Ambassador for the Republic of The Gambia, Vice-president of the Take Charge Juvenile Diversion Program and Director of Jerrod Mustaf Basketball Academy. Mr. Mustaf is the Athletic Director for the Take Charge Basketball Boy's and Girl's Teams and is a head coach for the Bowie Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Mustaf is a consultant for the Nigerian National Basketball League. Mr. Mustaf serves on the Board for numerous foundations. He was the recipient of the NAACP Lifetime Membership Award and was appointed the rank of Officer of the National Order of the Republic of The Gambia.

What is the Street Basketball Association, you might ask? Here's what their site says:
The Street Basketball Association is an independent, professional association of players and teams throughout the U.S. established to promote and showcase their execution of “street ball.” The SBA realizes that street ball is a social phenomenon growing across the globe. Whether played on dirt courts in the backyard or the asphalt of inner city playgrounds this brand of basketball boasts an unmatched passion and creative enthusiasm that crosses over all geographic, cultural, and economic lines. The SBA’s mission is to showcase the best street ball legends and professional ball players’ center stage, in an organized competitive environment to entertain fans and to see what cities have the best talent in the world. We are not creating a new industry with street ball; we are simply legitimizing it so that it can be recognized as the true phenomenon that it has become.


Anonymous said...

Is Mustaf still a suspect in the murder of Althea Hayes? I know he settled in the civil case, but was he cleared in the criminal investigations?

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