Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q&A with Parrish Brown

Eurobasket.net has a Q&A with Parrish Brown this week. Parrish is a free agent right now, after playing last season with Potros ITSON of Mexico's LNBP league. Here's a very brief excerpt (click the link to read the whole interview):

You left your team in Mexico in October. What happened?

The coach that brought me on the team ended up being fired, so the new coach that was hired brought in his own players.

What are you plans after parting ways with the Mexican team?

Well right now I just plan to keep working out lifting weights and working on my game until I can find somewhere else to play.

Update: Sigh... broken link. Eurobasket seems to be having some issues this week with all their news links, and lots of things on their page are broken. I found this interview week, but the link broke when I tried to go back to post it. It was broken all weekend, then worked again last night, so I went ahead and posted it, but now it's dead again. I was able to copy and post the full interview text, which you can read while we wait for Eurobasket to get their website working again.

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