Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bambale Osby Enjoying Life in Israel

Bambale Osby (2006-08), now playing for Ramat Gan in Israel, is enjoying life there, according to a story in the Haaretz newspaper. The story follows Bambale and his teammate, Taj McCullough, as examples of American players exploring the country's nightlife and finding a way to fit in off the court. Excerpts:
Taj McCullough and Bambale Osby of Ironi Ramat Gan - both 23-year-old Americans (Osby by way of The Democratic Republic of the Congo) - like to think of themselves as following the straight and narrow.

"We don't go out at night before a morning practice," says McCullough, adding unconvincingly, "but it has happened a few weekends that we've stayed awake until sunrise, just to see how long we could stay up." [...]

In Osby's view, "Israel is like paradise. There is good food here, comfortable weather, beautiful women and great nightspots. It's like a little America."


Anonymous said...

I love the state of Israel as a Jew, and I'm always glad to see a fellow terp basking in its greatness. Everyone should visit there it is the most amazing place in the whole world. Good luck Boom!

Anonymous said...

Boom isn't in Israel anymore, now playing in Austria for Gmunden - pronounced Ga moon den - says he likes it!