Friday, October 30, 2009

Byron Mouton drafted by PBL Team from Maryland

The Maryland GreenHawks of the Premier Basketball League (PBL) drafted Byron Mouton (2000-02) in the first round of the PBL Draft this week. Here's part of the team's press release, with requisite cliché-ridden comments from the general manager:
The Maryland GreenHawks selected Byron Mouton, a 6’6” 225lbs guard/forward from the University of Maryland with the third overall pick in Thursday’s 2009 PBL Draft.

“Byron brings a tremendous amount of experience and leadership to our team,” [GM Adam] Dantus said. “We think that he is a tremendous well rounded player with a high basketball IQ and will fit in very well with our team.”

I just now learned from Wikipedia that the PBL is an offshoot of teams who left the ABA in 2007. The GreenHawks were formerly called the Nighthawks up until last week, and several other former Terps played for them over the years (including Travis Garrison and Johnny Rhodes). For those of you wanting to see Byron in action, the GreenHawks play their games at Wootton High School in Rockville, but they don't have this season's schedule up on their website yet.


Jeff said...

Speaking of Wikipedia, I watch Juan's page, and someone added that he signed with a Greek team. It's not official but it looks like it's close:

Michelangelo said...

Looks like an editor already scrubbed the unofficial news from the Wiki page. Oddly, I found this story on Mouton while Googling for Juan Dixon news.

Aris is a pretty good team. In the past 7 seasons, they have not finished worse than 5th in the Greek league. They're still a step behind Greek league and Euroleague powerhouse Panathinaikos.