Monday, August 17, 2009

Keith Gatlin Coaching High School in NC

I don't usually go back beyond the Gary Williams era of Maryland basketball players, because Gary was hired at around the same time that I started paying attention to Maryland basketball, and I don't really remember the players before then. But I did happen upon this Fox Sports story this week: Keith Gatlin (1984-88) has been hired to coach Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, North Carolina. The story provides interesting details on what Gatlin has been up to recently:
Gatlin takes over the Trojans program after a short stint at Veritas, the sports academy that opened in Kernersville last year and quickly ran out of money.

Gatlin was an assistant coach at Greensboro Day before taking the Veritas job. He also works as a personal trainer - among his pupils is 7-foot-9, 370-pound Chinese star Sun Ming Ming - but that business has changed.

"Most of the kids I train now are college kids and guys that play professionally in Europe," Gatlin said. "I stopped training a lot of the younger kids because I didn't want parents to think I was training kids to try to get them to come to Veritas or (Wesleyan). I would train my own kids that already played for me, but ... I stopped doing a lot of high school training when I took the job at Veritas because that's a conflict of interest."

Another story from fills in some more details of Gatlin's career:

Keith came to Greensboro and was set to play for the Greensboro City Gaters of the short-lived Global Basketball Association(GBA), but he suffered a knee injury and never got to suit up for the City Gaters. [...]

Gatlin recovered enough from that knee injury to get in some quality time playing professional basketball in Europe and did well enough finacially to return to Greensboro after his playing days in Europe were complete.

Gatlin became a youth basketball coach and helped run camps here locally and he also served as the assistant to Greensboro Day School head coach Freddy Johnson. Gatlin later coached the girl’s at GDS for a brief time, before Josh Shoemaker took over the Lady Bengals. Keith and his wife also opened up an over-the-road trucking company that put them in the transport business.
Keith became the head boy’s basketball coach at the now-defunct Veritas Academy in Kernersville and maintained that team and job for one season.(2008/2009)

Here's the YouTube clip of Gatlin's famous inbounds play against UNC in 1986 that is mentioned in the story. I might not remember Gatlin, but I do clearly remember seeing this game on TV way back when:

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