Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave Neal: School and Hoops in Ireland

The Washington Times D1SCOURSE blog has news about recent grad Dave Neal (2005-09). Dave will be going to grad school and playing professional basketball in the Irish Superleague in Northern Ireland this fall:
Neal will attend the University of Ulster in Belfast this year, where he will work on a master's degree in sports management while playing in Basketball Ireland's SuperLeague. [...]

"People always say I fit more of an international game," Neal said. "I'm not the most athletic guy, but I'm very fundamentally sound. That's what international ball is all about. You're going to have some athletes, but the majority of it is fundamentals, knowing the game and playing hard. I have a chance to do well, and if I have a good season, you never know what next year will bring."

Update 8/17/09: In the comments section of his blog, Patrick Stevens answered my question about what team Dave will play for: the University of Ulster Team, which appears to be called the Ulster Elks.

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