Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joe Smith: Hip Hop Artist

This item comes via the D.C. Sports Bog, who found it via Mr. Irrelevant, who found it via The Sporting News's First Cuts, who found it via this Cleveland Plain Dealer news story.

Joe Smith (1993-95), as his alter ego Joe Beast, released his first hip hop mixtape called "The Beginning" back in December. You can listen to it for free on Joe's MySpace page. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer story:
And yes, Smith knows what you're thinking, but he thinks you're wrong.

"Another athlete rappin'?" he spits out on "Intro" on his CD. "What?"

"I'm not like the rest though, not like them," Smith raps. "I put my heart in this. I put my soul in this. So before you classify me with the rest -- don't do it. I want you to be open-minded." [...]

DJ Switch, a DJ in Oklahoma City, was a little hesitant to keep such an open mind at first, he admits. He did think Smith was just another athlete rappin', another bored millionaire who thought his talents transcended the basketball court.

Then DJ Switch began working with Smith in the studio during downtime between games and practices with Smith's team earlier this season, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sometimes, they'd stay in the studio until 4 a.m. working on getting a song just right -- all on the same night he got back from a game in another city and had a practice at noon the next day.

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