Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joe Smith is a Wanted Man has a big story about how Joe Smith (1993-95) is wanted by NBA playoff contenders, but Joe is happy to just finish out the year in Oklahoma City (thanks Testudo Times for finding this). Excerpts:
Smith, likewise, did a pretty good job of making Oklahoma City sound like the best fit for him, difficult as that might be for anyone, never mind a 14-year veteran who was dealt to New Orleans last week only to have the trade rescinded after Tyson Chandler failed his physical. [...]

Going to a serious contender, though, could be an even better thing for Smith. He would be a terrific addition to the Celtics, Cavaliers, Spurs, Lakers or even the Nuggets. He is a fundamentally sound player, an opportunistic scorer, a skilled practicioner of help defense and a wrinkle-free locker-room guy. He has the requisite length to make a difference in the paint, in rationed minutes, for any NBA team. And if P.J. Brown can get off the couch to boost Boston and win himself a ring last spring, Smith could easily go from Thunder to postseason lightning for one of the league's powers. [...]

Now, though, Smith has a chance for something better than a nice fit. He has made a great living, but he has a shot at a tremendous late-career transformation. Until last spring, Smith never had made it out of the first round of the playoffs, playing only 26 games in six trips across his first 12 seasons. Last year, he got to Game 7 of the second round with the Cavaliers.

He could go further, perhaps much further, this time around, if only he would make noise and rock boats. But that's not Joe Smith's style, and it hasn't been his career.

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