Friday, November 14, 2008

DJ Strawberry Lands in Italy

After being cut by the Houston Rockets on the eve of the NBA regular season, DJ Strawberry (2003-07) has signed (translation) with Fortitudo Bologna of Italy's Serie A league (the top pro league in Italy). While DJ apparently cannot play with the team until November 24 (30 days after his release from the Rockets), he is in Bologna, Italy getting ready to play.

The team's website has the transcript of a media Q&A session (translation) with DJ this week. Here is an excerpt of DJ's words translated from English to Italian and then back to English again (by Google translation):
What do you expect from this new experience? Maybe affirmed beyond the U.S., where the most famous name is that of your father for what he did on the baseball diamond?

DJ: "In some ways yes, it is more an opportunity to walk with my legs. But first of all I considered the possibility of joining a team to give the best and help you win, and at the same time further develop my game, improving working hardest possible on details that still need refining, not individual but aiming to win the Fortitudo." [...]

Many players left from Maryland have become players in Italy...

DJ: "When the college Drew Nicholas told me with enthusiasm his experience, Since then I have always regarded Europe and especially Italy forward a hypothesis, then here playing my former comrades such as Gist and Collins that I can not wait to meet again."

And finally, here's an after-practice interview with DJ where you can't hear what he's saying because of the voice-over Italian translation:

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