Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ekene Ibekwe in Turkey

Ekene Ibekwe (2003-07) has signed on with Mutlu Aku Selcuk University of Selcuk, Turkey. The team released a press release announcing his signing earlier this week. Want confirmation? Here's a news article which repeats the team's press release almost word for word.

Sadly, Google translation doesn't do Turkish, so I tried out a different translation website. The press release is obviously unreadable without translation (except for "Ekene Ibekwe" and "NBA"), and it didn't really get much more readable when I did manage to translate it:
With its preparations for the new season, and Turkish Cup final stage for şehrimizden Erzurum tomorrow we will move to the team, 4. Ekene Ibekwe agree with foreign as an actor.

The season which We finished Israil a cave Galil with at a Gilboa team at the 10 matches 11.3 A number, 5.3 She centers ribaund and which play with Federal Republic of Nigeria Pivot percent at the 2 numbers 65 77 percent at the free shot percent an owner. 2.06 1985 pivot born at your distance last NBA the league had worn the form Summer.

Cengiz which the head trainer clarifies that the transfer increased her power under the crucible team Montenegro Ekene Ibekwe is immediately to my jewelry piece I think that she will provide harmony. To the extra league cupful full staff and a ready halo We came. Ibekwe cupful last eight and the one at the league Play-Off your contributions will become important for our target I believe. She told.

Happy Battery Selcuk University, Turkish Cup for the matches tomorrow we will Konya?dan Erzurum?a the move.

Apparently, translating Turkish to English is very hard. As far as I can tell, Selcuk's team is sponsored by the Happy Battery company.

While researching this story, I also learned that Selcuk is famous for its Camel Wrestling Festival in January. You won't read about that on your other Maryland sports blogs.

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M.A.S.H. said...

"Ekene Ibekwe agree with foreign as an actor."

Glad we got that cleared up.