Monday, September 08, 2008 Redesign

This isn't really former Terp news, but one of the key reference sites I use for this blog, has recently been redesigned and retooled. Readers (like you!) can now leave comments on games or players and submit links to stories about players and games. They have detailed basketball stats for all Maryland games and players going back to the 1989-90 season. I particularly rely on the site to aid my memory on things like what years Rodney Elliott played (1994-98) and how to spell Sarunas Jasikevicius. Many of the player pages have a handy link to this blog for current news about what former Terp players are doing now, so really, how can you not like the site?

For football fans, also has football game results going back, amazingly, to the 1892 season (we went 0-3 that year, including a loss to a local high school team).


Jeff said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the entry and this great site you do!

M.A.S.H. said...

Great news today that Juan Dixon's back in D.C. where he belongs. Finally, a reason to attend a Wizards game.