Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bambale Osby in Romania

Bambale Osby (2006-08) has signed in Romania (translation) with U Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca. The linked story in the Ziua de Cluj newspaper doesn't say much about Osby; it's more of a summary of the whole team's preparation for the upcoming season. They note that Osby will be joining the team in Cluj next week, and the team is looking to him to help improve their defense while increasing the team's average height from last year, as part of a total team transformation that sees only five players returning from last year's squad.

Google auto-translation doesn't work right with the team's homepage, but they have a press release saying this about Osby:
American Bambale "Boom" Osby is the final new player to join "U" Mobitelco to play the 4-5 positions. Osby (22 years old, 2.03 meters, 120 kg) is expected next week to join the team. "He's a player who will help us not only in our offensive game, but also on defence, and further, will make a spectacular addition to our team," said executive chairman Mircea Cristescu, on the final acquisition of the team.

"Boom" comes from the University of Maryland and will be the seventh in the batch of foreign "U" Mobitelco players after the arrivals of Leon, Majstrovich, Glintic, Gibson, Kinsella, and the extended contract for Cuic. This will be Osby's first European experience, along with Leon and Gibson.

"Boom" concluded the 2007-2008 season with an average of 11.5 points, 0.8 assists, 6.5 rebounds (2.1 offensive) per game.

The second half of the press release is his career highlights, conveniently cut-and-pasted in English from some other source. Boom joins Mike Jones, who is also playing in Romania next season.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! this is a terrific place to follow up on our terps. Thanks a lot for all the effort you've put into this.


Anonymous said...


Osby named MVP for the second stage of Romanian League (Divizia A).
The link is here:


In Romanian, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was the MVP of the second stage, he played very well having a double-double and being the most efficient player of the stage. I have seen the game and he visibly improved his play. In the first stage of Divizia A, he did't perform well, he had a lot of turnovers and missed a lot of easy shots. In FIBA Euro Challenge (an european cup) against the german team EWE BAskets Oldenburg, Boom played quite good, but he was on the court just in the 4-th quarter. Unfortunately, "U" Cluj lost the game with 86-60 and have little chaces to qualify in the next stage of FIBA Euro Challenge. Tonight at 21:00 (romanian hour) U Cluj is playing in Germany and they have to beat EWE with more than 26 points to qualify. The game will be live text on
U Mobitelco Cluj home site
Go Cluj, go Boom!

Anonymous said...

Watched Osby playing tonight in Oldenburg Germany. Really nice player, I like his phisically game, but he did not play enough and he should work on his free throws. He did some nice work in rebounding and defending and I guess he was the second scorer after game has ended. He did some nice dunks in the game, especially the one over Boumtje Boumtje 2,13m height right in his face.
I wish him the best for the season.


Anonymous said...

This is the new home site of U Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca.

Anonymous said...


daily informations about basketball and boom in romania

Anonymous said...

Here is a mix with Osby against Oldenbrug in FIBA Eurochallenge (Oldenburg won with 77-72).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mix of Boom's highlights from the game against Oldenburg. Talked to Boom this week and he likes it in Romania. Still seems to be his happy self!
And he's looking to buy a caddy in Romania.

Anonymous said...

You can download here some highlights from a match where osby played very very good! he had 10/12 at free throws!

Chase said...

My friend brought his name up today and it brought back memories. Hope he succeeds in Romania from Maryland!

Michelangelo said...

This is a very old post from over a year ago. Boom plays in Israel now: http://mdturtle.blogspot.com/search/label/osby