Saturday, July 05, 2008

Jason McAlpin Working at Under Armour

In an on-line interview posted over at, recent graduate Jason McAlpin (2006-08) talks about his new job at Under Armour as an intern in their footwear division. Under Armour was, of course, founded by former Maryland football player Kevin Plank. An excerpt: Do you still try to get out and play a little bit?

JM: I still have the bug, no question. I still go out a few days a week and get in some pickup games. For a while I was considering going overseas to play because I still have that bug. I still felt like I have a lot of games left in me and can continue to get better as a basketball player and make some money doing it. But Under Armour is probably a better situation for me in the long run. I learned a lot from basketball, but you can't play forever.

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