Friday, June 27, 2008

James Gist Drafted by San Antonio Spurs

James Gist (2004-08) was drafted 27th in the second round of the NBA Draft (57th overall) by the San Antonio Spurs.

All the papers have pretty much the same things to say about Gist's selection. The Baltimore Sun notes:
Gist is the seventh Maryland player taken in the draft in the past eight years and the 16th Terp picked under coach Gary Williams.

The Washington Times adds:
All things considered, there are far, far worse fates than to get to go to training camp with the Spurs. Plus, there's that whole reputation for not making too many scouting mistakes.

The Washington Post says Gist didn't even see his name get called:
Gist watched the draft from his parents' home in York, Pa. He was outside getting some fresh air when he heard the celebration. He'll try to join an experienced Spurs roster that is perennially a threat to win the NBA championship.

The Diamondback notes that second round picks have an uphill road to making it big:
Second round picks are not guaranteed contracts in the NBA. Many second rounders initially play in Europe or the NBDL, a developmental league designed to prepare players better for the NBA.

The Dallas Morning News got a quote from Spurs coach Greg Popovich:
"We're thrilled with James Gist from Maryland. He's a heck of a rebounder, he's a good scorer ... does a fine job," Popovich said.

The San Antonio Express says that he is a "stubborn defender who will buy into Spurs’ defense-first philosophy."

Local Terp blogs Turtle Soup and It Never Rains in College Park have some good commentary, as they join me in being happy for Gist and Maryland Basketball this morning.

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