Sunday, April 13, 2008

Juan Dixon Fitting In With Pistons

Michigan News site ran a good story recently about how Juan Dixon (1998-2002) is fitting in well with his new team, the Detroit Pistons. (You may recall, he was traded from Toronto to Detroit at the draft deadline in February.)

Most of the story is the same story we all know about how Juan's tough challenges growing up has turned him into a mentally tough player and people's doubts about him because of his size (except for Gary Williams, who believed in him) made him into a player who never quits. Papers run the same story every time he goes somewhere new, but it's a new story to the people of Detroit. Here's a short excerpt:

"The makeup of this team, is guys that other teams didn't want," Dixon said. "You go around this locker room. It's like that with everybody."

And it is that familiarity that has made the former Toronto Raptor's transition to an already crowded backcourt surprisingly smooth.

"That's why this is the perfect team for me," Dixon said. "Everybody in here knows what it feels like to not be wanted."

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