Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crystal Langhorne Off And Running With Mystics

After she was drafted in the first round by the Washington Mystics a few weeks ago, the Washington Post today has an article about how Crystal Langhorne (2004-08) is off and running with her new team. Excerpts:
"The past few weeks have been the craziest of my life," Langhorne said. "Playing with the U.S. team and veterans like Lisa Leslie and Katie Smith was amazing, but I'm really so happy to be back, ready to get settled and become part of this team."

There's no time to waste as Langhorne rapidly becomes a regular part of the Mystics' makeup, adapting to new teammates and coaches -- and the plays Coach Tree Rollins handed the rookie when she arrived. Luckily, Langhorne said, Washington's style is similar to the Terrapins' and includes many familiar plays, with different names.

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