Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Byron Mouton Plays in Wilmington for a Month

Apparently Byron Mouton (2000-02) had re-signed in February for a brief stint with the Wilmington Sea Dogs, who now play in something called the "Premier Basketball League" instead of the ABA. Don't bother looking for him on the roster or stats page of the Sea Dogs' website... they haven't updated the team stats since January 11. I only noticed he was there because his team got eliminated from the playoffs by the Maryland Nighthawks recently.

Byron played for the Sea Dogs last year, when they were an ABA team, then briefly played for the Albany Patroons (of the CBA) last October-November.

So anyway, Mouton played for Wilmington for about a month (and played quite well from the news stories I found on Google), and now their season is over. Remember to come back to my blog for all your fresh, breaking news stories about things that happened a month ago that I just now noticed.

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byron mouton talks about Gary Williams and the state of terps basketball