Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ekene Ibekwe Not Playing In Puerto Rico

I don't know where Ekene Ibekwe (2003-07) is at the moment, but I know he's not playing in Puerto Rico. Gigantes de Carolina had brought him in for a try-out, but decided they needed another guard in the line-up instead. He apparently appeared in a few exhibition games (translation) for them before they decided not to sign him. Presumably, this means he has left his former team, Gilboa/Afula of Israel.

In vaguely related, yet non-Terps news, Ikene's younger sister, Ify Ibekwe, is a freshman playing for the University of Arizona:
Whenever Arizona freshman Ify Ibekwe steps on the court, she evokes inspiration from her siblings.

Ibekwe comes from a basketball family. Her older brother Onyekachi played at Oklahoma State and Long Beach State. Another brother, Ekene, played at Maryland. Her older sister Chinyere plays for UCLA.

Four kids from one family all playing Division I basketball is sort of astounding.

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