Monday, February 18, 2008

Andre Collins in Italy's 2nd Division

I always forget about Andre Collins (2001-04). Since he transferred to Loyola midway through his Junior season, he's not on my mental list of players to check up on. I was reminded of him today by, so I went looking for him.

It turns out Collins is playing for Carife Ferrara (translation) in Italy's 2nd division pro league ("Liga 2"), where he's teammates with Harold Jamison (formerly of Clemson). I don't see any player profile pages there, but he's listed on the 07-08 and the 06-07 rosters, so he was there last year too.

If you get to their website today, he's on their front page in the news section. The news story says that he'll be taking questions from school kids, and the audio of the interview will be posted tomorrow (Feb. 19) on Italian news portal


Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm from Ferrara - Andre just led us in 1st Division (Lega A) after a fantastic season, probably he'll gain the MVP league title - all infos and stats you can find on

Next year he'll be playing for Ferrara again - he's great!!!!! Great player and great little man!!!!! Thank you Andre!!!!!

Forza Ferrara! Let's go Maryland!

madhatter 20 said...

Andre just completed his third season in the Italian league (his first in A1). He had another excellent year, finishing in the top three in scoring, assists, & steals. During the 2007-2008 season he was named MVP, while leading Ferrara to the regular season championship.


postmaster said...

I am sad because andre does not play again in Ferrara but Virtus Bologna and I am happy for him because it's a great champion and all the fans of Ferrara remember him forever.
Grazie Andrรจ ti vogliamo bene Buona Fortuna