Saturday, January 26, 2008

Steve Blake: Unsung Hero has a great article this week on how Steve Blake is really the unsung hero of the Portland Trailblazers' success this season:
Most of the credit, headlines, and praise will go to their sensational guard, Brandon Roy. But if you ask the guys in the Blazers' locker room about their success you'll quickly hear them praise Steve Blake. His numbers aren't flashy, but make no mistake about it; he's a big part of the puzzle for Portland.

"He's a maestro when he's on the court," said Martell Webster. "If you don't have a good point guard your offense is broke. Your offense is not connected, he keeps us connected."

Not only does he keep the team connected, he also keeps them efficient. He's a classic low maintenance, pass-first, sharp-shooting point guard. He gives the Blazers great leadership while playing unselfish, mistake-free basketball.

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