Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Round-up

Yesterday's post finished up the backlog of news which accumulated during December while I was on vacation. Today, to start off 2008, here is a round-up to summarize where all of our former Terps are currently playing. Where it's possible, I've linked to their current player profile (or stats page, or team roster in some cases).

Steve Blake - Portland Trailblazers
Juan Dixon - Toronto Raptors
Steve Francis - Houston Rockets
Joe Smith - Chicago Bulls
Chris Wilcox - Seattle Sonics

DJ Strawberry - Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Will Bowers - Albany Patroons

Nik Caner-Medley - Gran Canaria Grupo Dunas (Spain)
Rodney Elliott - Agricola Gloria (Italy)
Travis Garrison - Alerta Cantabria Lobos (Spain)
John Gilchrist - Ironi Nahariya (Israel)
Ekene Ibekwe - Gilboa/Afula (Israel)
Sarunas Jasikevicius - Panathinaikos (Greece)
Mike Jones - Mersin BSB (Turkey)
Tony Massenburg - Arecibo Captains (Puerto Rico)
Chris McCray - BC Telindus Oostende (Belgium)
Terrence Morris - Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)
Drew Nicholas - Efes Pilsen Istanbul (Turkey)
Ryan Randle - AEL Limmasol (Cyprus)
Jamar Smith - Toshiba Brave Thunder (Japan)

These players have been released from the last teams they played for, and I haven't seen their names on anyone else's rosters yet. If you know where they are playing, post a comment!

Lonny Baxter (last seen in 2007 with DKV Joventut - Italy)
Obinna Ekezie (last seen in 2007 with Moscow Dynamo - Russia)
Exree Hipp (last seen in 2006 with Gladstone - Australia)
Mike Mardesich (last seen in 2006 with Reims - France)
Byron Mouton (last seen in 2007 with Albany - CBA)
Laron Profit (last seen in 2007 with Humacao - Puerto Rico)


Greg said...

I think Baxter is in jail. Isn't that why he got released? He got jail time for the 2nd gun charge.

Joe said...

Baxter got a 60 day sentence back in August for the 2nd gun charge, so he should be out of jail by now.

JimmyC said...

Very cool site - thank you for creating it. I wonder where these men end up when not in the NBA.

Go Terps '87! (yes - I saw him play)

FREDTERP said...

The link to Ekene Ibekwe is malfunctioning. FREDTERP

Michelangelo said...

Thanks... Ekene's link is fixed now. That website changed their page naming scheme.

J-Red said...

Obinna is probably running an oil company by now. That dude was smart.