Monday, October 22, 2007

Wizards Cut Tony Massenburg

The Tony Massenburg (1986-90) era is over in Washington, as the Wizards cut him from their preseason roster yesterday:
Earlier in the month, when Massenburg was invited to try for a comeback, he was just happy to be around.

"Just to get to this point, just to get the invite ... is a tremendous accomplishment," he said then.

But he averaged just two points, 1.8 rebounds and only 8.3 minutes in four preseason games, well short even of his modest career numbers.

The same story can be found in the "Notes" sections of many fine sports sections. Congratulations to The Louisville Courier-Journal, which gets the link above and a thumbs up for at least punching up the story with some quotes and commentary instead of just re-printing it verbatim like every other paper in the country.

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