Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rodney Elliott Joins Agricola in Italy

Rodney Elliott (1994-98) signed with Agricola Gloria Montecatini, an Italian 2nd Division team. Here's the news release in Italian, and the Google translation into semi-English:
Agricola Gloria Montecatini Terme announced that he had reached an agreement with the annual American athlete Rodney Elliott, 31 years old, strong wing 202 cm. Elliott is a long-very technical, with great shot from distance and can be dangerous even near basket. He knows the Italian basketball having played three excellent seasons in the top flight with Mabo Livorno and Scavolini Pesaro, closing with excellent percentages.

After the bureaucracy for a visa, the player Baltimore reach Montecatini Terme, where found Phil Melillo, coach with whom he shared the Italian experience in Pesaro.

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Anonymous said...

you are right he is dangerous but not only on the court but off as well, drama-filled, maybe he's acting out because he didnt go pro