Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mike Jones Signs with Mersin in Turkey

I can't get a good Turkish-to-English translation of this news article, but it basically says that Mike Jones (2003-07) has signed in Turkey with Mersin Buyuksehir Belediyesi. Google and Babelfish don't do Turkish, so today we turn to to see how they handle the challenge:
Ahmet which bring the pocket knife to the duty and (yapilanan) repeatedly a myrtle a (Buyuksehir) municipality Mike playful American Jones'u transfer meat.Maryland Mike Jones at the 1.92 distance which finishes new 2 is playing with at a number position.

The season which We finished Mike which takes her playful prize which finishes fastbreak most good Jones 1000 at this league zamanda a number barrage my soot became exceeding.The season team whom We finished 14 time skorer ismi (uclukculeri) most good which Jones becomes your league at the same time 4 betwixt.At the bench.

I did figure out that the Ahmet in the article is Ahmet Caki, the team's coach. From what I can understand, the first sentence says something like, "Coach Ahmet Caki has brought in American player Mike Jones from the University of Maryland, who is 1.92 meters tall and plays the 2 guard position."

Mersin is going into only its third season of Turkish Division I pro league play, after having won the Turkish Division II title in 2005.

Searching for news on Mike Jones in Turkey will be a challenge, since there is a different Mike Jones (who played at TCU several years ago) who played in Turkey last year for Darussafaka Istanbul. The article I linked to above has a picture of our Mike Jones wearing a Maryland jersey, so I'm confident I've got the right one. (Plus, a European league transaction list confirmed it).

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Anonymous said...

This Brigitte i live in FL and i think its great you're getting a chance to play basketball out of college. My dad went to Maryland on 4 year scholarship and he loved we are actually from Maryland. I hope to go to Maryland after i graduate in 09' i might not be scholarship worthy but i will try out for the basketball team i currently play for Poinciana High School and hope to become a Terp. Good luck and best wishes.
-Brigitte Rouse