Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lonny Baxter Signs with Joventut in Spain

Lonny Baxter (1998-2002) signed a new contract (translation) with DKV Joventut of the Spanish ACB league (Spain's highest level pro league).

My favorite part about Terps signing in Europe is reading the un-edited Google translations of the press releases:
With 22 years, Baxter obtained the bronze medal with the university equipment of the United States in the Universiada of Beijing in 2001, and comprising of the university equipment of Maryland champion of NCAA proclaimed itself, where he divided equally 15.2 points and 9 bounces by party.

When finalizing the year, Lonny Baxter was chosen in “draft” of 2002 by Chicago Bulls, its first equipment of NBA. After defending the t-shirt of the equipment of Chicago, juice in Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Bobcats, Houston Rockets, Washington Wizzards, New Orleans Hornets and Atlanta Hawks, before saturating in the Greek Olympiacos, where it gained Liga and the Glass.

Whether he actually plays or not depends on the outcome of Baxter's August 31st sentencing hearing for the gun charges he plead guilty to last month. Last season, he missed the first month or two of the season in Italy while serving jail time for a related gun charge here in the U.S.

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