Friday, July 06, 2007

Terps on 2007 NBA Summer League Rosters

The NBA's Vegas Summer League starts play tonight, and several former Terps are on rosters:

Lots of people have been coming to this site this week looking for info on Mike Jones and Ekene Ibekwe, but they did not get picked for any team's summmer league roster.


Aamir Yousufzai said...

Mike Jones replaced Matt Walsh, who withdrew, on the New Jersey Nets summer league roster.

Ekene Ibekwe was originally invited onto the Miami Heat's summer league roster, but seems to have withdrawn as well.

Both teams (Heat and Nets) are a part of the Pepsi Pro Summer League, which starts today and ends on the 13th (Friday).

Jeff V said...

I can't decide where exactly to post this but I am absolutely LOVING this blog.

As a terps fan you are answering questions that rattle my brain all day!

For this you will be rewarded with a link from my blog to yours!



PS- Enjoy the extra one to two visitors you get this year courtesy of me!! hooray! haha