Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joe Smith Signs with the Chicago Bulls

Joe Smith (1993-95), who started last season with the Denver Nuggets, then was traded mid-season to the Philadelphia 76ers, and then became a free agent this summer, signed a new contract with the Chicago Bulls. In the linked Chicago Sun-Times story, he says:
"Doing my interviews in front of the trophies, that was the closest I've seen one up close. It would definitely be nice to touch one," said Smith, who in 12 NBA seasons has yet to advance past the first round of the playoffs. "That would be really nice to be part of a team that not only made the playoff push, but continued to advance.

"Seeing all the pictures, just seeing [Michael] Jordan soaring ... Scottie [Pippen] ... Toni Kukoc, who I played with in Milwaukee for a couple years. The history here is great. It would be nice to add something to it. That's the goal of our team now."

The new contract is 2 years, $10 million.

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